Siemens-123112-body.jpgSimpleSelect 1.1 includes Siemens’ latest valve offerings and cross-reference search feature.

Siemens Building Technologies division has announced the availability of SimpleSelect 1.1, a newly enhanced version of its fast and easy desktop valve sizing and selecting tool introduced last November. SimpleSelect now includes Siemens’ latest pressure independent control valves and actuators, as well as a robust competitive cross-reference search feature, which allows users to quickly and easily find a Siemens match from a list of comparable manufacturers and discontinued Siemens products with their corresponding replacement.

Designed with features that enable specifiers and designers to save time when sizing and selecting valves, actuators or assemblies, the Siemens SimpleSelect desktop software tool quickly narrows product searches and simplifies creating valve schedules. Valve and actuator parameter windows efficiently organize valve and actuator sizing and selection criteria.

Based on selected product attributes, drop-down menu options and calculator tools ensure accurate valve selection and optimum performance. Companies will find it reduces the learning curve for new staff involved in valve selection and can improve productivity for experienced engineers and project managers as well. The SimpleSelect tool quickly downloads data sheets and photos for complete offline access and allows users to automatically receive prompts when application and database updates become available.

For more information and to download the SimpleSelect valve and actuator sizing and selection tool visit: