WAGO-123112-body.jpgThe application displays signal conditioner settings, process, and configuration data.

WAGO Corporation’s free JUMPFLEX®-ToGo Application brings powerful PC-based Signal Conditioner configuration and visualization to Android devices. Available as an instant download on Google Play, JUMPFLEX®-ToGo supports increasingly mobile workforces. With the swipe of a finger, the app configures input/output parameters. It also displays signal conditioner settings, process and configuration data, as well as actual measurement values.

A clear interface and user-guided operation drove JUMPFLEX®-ToGo development. Simply insert a WAGO 750-921 Bluetooth® Adapter into a JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioner. Then pair with a Bluetooth®-equipped Android smartphone or tablet (V 2.3 or higher); the app will automatically detect the JUMPFLEX® device employed. Users can save configuration data to an SD Card (if Android device is equipped) for easy data transfer to identical JUMPFLEX® devices. The app is compatible with nine devices from JUMPFLEX® mV signal conditioners to thermocouple and RTD devices.

JUMPFLEX®-ToGo is part of the evolution of applications from entertainment and social networking into process productivity tools. The app supports increasing decentralized architectures, helping bring automation components closer to the actual process.