System-Sensor-122412-body.jpgSystem Sensor PipeIQ® software helps in the design of its FAAST aspirating smoke detector.

System Sensor’s PipeIQ is the all-in-one system design, configuration and monitoring software for the System Sensor FAAST aspirating smoke detector. It guides users through pipe design and system configuration for a FAAST aspiration system. Once the system is installed, PipeIQ enables continual system monitoring from anywhere in the world via the Internet using FAAST’s onboard Ethernet connection.

Using PipeIQ, a designer can complete the pipe network layout, verify hole sizes and sensitivity, and obtain a Bill of Material and Layout Report. The software also includes a Pipe Wizard that can guide users through the pipe network design process. The wizard asks a series of questions about the area under protection and designs a pipe network tailored to the space. A great tool for inexperienced designers, the Pipe Wizard is also suitable for quickly designing a pipe network for less complex rectangular spaces and to create an initial layout for more complex spaces that will require additional design.