Notifier-110312-body.jpgThe company has added networking capabilities to its Notifier systems.

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has released a high-tech gateway to interface its fire alarm networks with very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems, unlocking access to significant alarm and trouble conditions data. Gaining control of an ASD system through a NOTIFIER network is another added benefit that provides facilities a more powerful, complete and easier-to-use fire protection solution.

Through the new ASD gateway, all levels of smoke, from pre-alarm to fire alarm conditions, can be monitored by the NOTIFIER system. Individual aspirating detector’s sensitivity thresholds, trouble events and all communication/supervision faults are also reported through the NOTIFIER network, greatly simplifying any required maintenance on the aspirating smoke system.

Rising numbers of buildings are requiring ASD’s immediate warning to save lives and property while eliminating any disruption to business continuity. In applications where the speed of emergency response is critical, including hospitals, prisons, museums, data centers, transportation hubs and even marine vessels, detailed notifications of smoke conditions reported through a NOTIFIER system can have a positive effect on both the speed and type of response.

NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels, annunciators and ONYXWorks graphic monitoring stations can now display all aspirating system notifications while providing users major controls of the ASD network, such as alarm acknowledgement, system reset and silence, as well as the isolation and enablement of single detectors on the ASD network. This added control eliminates the common challenges of having to utilize a separate aspiration system’s interface, which can be difficult and time-consuming, especially in the midst of an emergency.

In addition to ASD systems, NOTIFIER offers a complete line of advanced detection, including combined fire and CO, gas and flame detection.