Notifier-062512-body.jpgNotifier grows portfolio of advanced sensing technologies with high-tech flame detection.

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has announced the addition of the Fire Sentry line of flame detectors that seamlessly integrate with any version of its ONYX Series fire alarm systems for rapid, accurate and reliable detection of true fire emergencies in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. NOTIFIER’s portfolio of smoke, gas and flame detection make it one of the world’s most comprehensive offerings of advanced detection technologies, capable of being tied into and monitored by a single fire alarm system.

The Fire Sentry line of flame detectors from Honeywell Analytics utilize a sophisticated series of patented algorithms to speed detection of a real fire event while virtually eliminating false alarms. In addition to monitoring for spikes in the radiant energy of a flame, Fire Sentry detectors monitor the entire flame spectrum for inconsistencies to unequivocally verify an alarm — a valuable feature exclusive to Fire Sentry technologies.

More than 100,000 Fire Sentry units currently protect a wide range of commercial and industrial applications worldwide. Common commercial applications requiring flame detection include aircraft hangars, chemical storage areas, paint booths, fueling stations, warehouses and general boiler rooms. Flame detection is also essential for power, natural gas and other utility plants; refineries; chemical production, storage and loading facilities; off-shore oil platforms; various manufacturing plants; and many more industrial-type facilities.

While most flame detector types require separate devices to monitor for fires from hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gasses, Fire Sentry detectors protect against both types in virtually all weather conditions, altitudes and environments.