Daikin-McQuay-061812-body.jpgDaikin McQuay has introduced SmartSource™, a new line of water source heat pump products with industry leading efficiencies, low noise operation, and a wide range of features and options.

The Daikin McQuay SmartSource features high Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER) – up to 22.2 at full load and 29.8 in part load – that far exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standards and makes the units perfect for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) projects and utility rebate opportunities. Daikin McQuay is the only manufacturer to offer the more efficient, electrically commutated motor (ECM) as a standard feature across the entire product line with multiple field selectable airflow settings. These settings provide a wider airflow operating range for different applications and duct systems for better comfort.

SmartSource water source heat pumps are exceptionally quiet with published sound ratings as low as 46 dBA. Sound reduction packages are available for even greater sound attenuation. Both the vertical and horizontal cabinets have gasket-sealed access panels for lower sound levels and are designed for durability with rugged, textured power coat paint finish. Cleanable, foil faced fiberglass insulation is standard in the air-handling section with an option for closed cell foam. In addition, the compressor is “double isolated” with vibration isolation grommets mounted to a heavy gauge metal plate, and then isolated from the cabinet base with rubber grommets to minimize vibration.

A wide range of unique features and options are available with SmartSource. Optional factory-mounted loop pumps reduce energy consumption by eliminating the need for a central pumping station, and the hot gas reheat option is ideal for maximum moisture removal in humid climates. Three unique dehumidification options provide better comfort in humid climates by taking advantage of smart airflow management and capacity control. Also available is a desuperheater option that takes advantage of waste heat from the compressor to provide domestic hot water, ideal for apartment and condo applications. Other options include coated air coils, dual freezestat settings and 2-way, on-off, water valve control. The SmartSource water source heat pumps with a variable speed inverter compressor option will be available later in 2012.

SmartSource water source heat pumps are available in ½ to 6 ton capacities in single-stage and 2 to 6 ton in 2-stage; in both horizontal and vertical configurations. SmartSource products can be ordered geothermal ready with options such as auxiliary electric heat and MERV 8 and MERV 13 filters for improved indoor air quality. A factory mounted waterside economizer package minimizes mechanical cooling by using cool loop water to condition the space.

Typical applications for SmartSource water source heat pumps include schools, clinics, office buildings, government offices, senior living facilities, and other projects, both new construction and retrofits, where high efficiency is a key specification.