A. Steam generator

The latest design of the company’s Circulatic Steam Generator incorporates linkageless controls and communications capabilities.  The linkageless controls offer improved combustion, fuel savings through improved efficiencies, and more reliability with the elimination of mechanical linkages. The new design still offers all of the advantages of the original Circulatic, such as 5 minute startup, compact design, and full modulation with 10 to 1 turndown ratios. Vapor Power offers boilers up to 600 BHP and 3200 psi as well as thermal fluid heaters up to 20,000,000 btu/hr.

Vapor Power, www.vaporpower.com


B. Shut-off valves

Maxon’s Series 8000 safety shut-off valves have new features designed to keep them your first choice for safety, reliability, and maximized system up-time. Searing heat or bitter cold gives sure closing at temps to -50°C (-58°F) while meeting API 6FA Fire Safe standards. The larger open/closed indicator clearly announces valve position in high-contrast colors. Series 8000 meets tough Class VI leakage standards, carries multiple global endorsements, and are SIL-3 capable.   Unique metal-to-metal seats wear in, not out, with each cycle, and numerous body and trim options provide excellent application flexibility.

Maxon, www.maxoncorp.com


C. Retrofit package

Alzeta Corporation delivers its system solution for Bay Area atmospheric boilers. It features FireStar™, ALZETA’s latest ceramic-metallic surface, modular system design, simple operation, quick and easy installation. Other details include  premixed surface-stabilized combustion; less than 15 ppm NOx @ 3% O2; and low pressure drop. It comes in capacities from 1 million to 10 million Btu/hr and features a durable cast-iron body. The unit is also complete with combustion air blower, gas train boiler, and burner controls and instrumentation. It is applicable to all atmospheric systems, and installation typically takes one or two days, once the existing burner system is removed.

Alzeta Corporation


D. Steam generator

The FC-OSSG forced-circulation large-capacity steam generator offers up to 250 T/H of steam. With less than 2% blowdown with evaporator water, and 99.5% steam purity, the unit also tolerates substantial upsets in water quality, heat flux, and flow. The FC-OSSG features modern, water-cooled walls and optimized, heat-transfer surfaces, reducing its footprint and weight by 50%. It is specifically designed with significant margins to avoid metal temperature excursions and tube failures. A two-layer defense addresses fluctuations in water quality, increasing reliability compared to traditional OTSGs.

Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.


E. Burner management

The company has introduced two new Simatic® Burner Management Systems (BMS), designed to give endusers greater flexibility to cost-effectively comply with revised 2011 burner standards. Designed with TUV certified hardware and customizable software, the compact BMS300F and BMS 151F systems comply with NFPA, IEC, and ANSI/ISA standards for single or dual fuel applications with single or multiple burners. The models are also capable of meeting up to SIL 3 with appropriate field devices.