aquatherm-06-04-12-body.jpgThe company has published a LEED® reference guide.

This brochure is designed as a practical guide for applying Aquatherm piping systems to the LEED® credits program and illustrates the various ways in which upgrading to fusible polypropylene piping systems can earn and contribute to LEED credits.

This current edition focuses on major strategies that address several credits at once, earning a number of points by implementing one large innovation. There are many ways to help protect environmental and human health while promoting sustainable development. According to the company, switching to Aquatherm piping systems from the current industry standards offers a wide variety of health and safety benefits, not all of which are addressed by the LEED program at this time.

This document is intended to address Aquatherm’s relevance to LEED credits based on Version 3.0 of the LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations Reference Guide. The strategies outlined in the document act as a starting point for earning the appropriate LEED credits.