Caleffi-06-04-12-body.jpgCaleffi’s 2012 List Price Catalog is now available.

Caleffi’s new List Price Catalog 2012 is now available. The company has combined all its product families — hydronic, solar, GEO and biomass — into a comprehensive catalog with detailed product information and pricing. The catalog also contains new products, including

  • Thermostatic radiator valves and actuators
  • ThermoMix™ and ThermoBloc™ Biomass boiler protection valves and pump assemblies
  • Three-fourths in. AutoFill™ Boiler fill valves
  • StarMax V™ Flat plate solar collectors for pumped glycol and drainback systems
  • DIRTMAG® Dirt separator with magnet
  • Vertical DISCAL® Air separators and DIRTCAL® Dirt separators