Tjernlund-06-04-12-body.jpgA recently expanded Ventilation Products Brochure available from Tjernlund Products, Inc., includes highlight descriptions and specifications of 11 product groups of problem-solving ventilation equipment for residential and light commercial applications.

The brochure includes the following;

  • AireShare™ Room-to-Room & Level-to-Level transfer fans distribute heated/cooled air quietly and unobtrusively thru interior walls or floors to uncomfortable rooms or those not directly served by ductless heating/cooling.
  • The company’s no-clog Dryer Duct Booster® fan reduces clothes drying times up to 50% on restrictive/long dryer duct runs.
  • Economical Duct Booster® fans increase airflow thru existing ducts, eliminating t-stat adjustments or space heaters. High performance Duct Booster® fans are great for extended duct runs and supply or exhaust applications.
  • UnderAire™ Crawl Space Fans quickly ventilate excess moisture reducing odor, mold, mildew & wood rot.

Additions to the brochure include the company’s new Xchanger™ reversible basement ventilation fan for curing damp-musty basements; Sure Dry™ shower drying systems to minimize mold and mildew growth and grout damage in showers; Auto-Draft® chimney top and in-line inducer fans, Hot Shot™ universal stove blower and the Radon VAC™ side wall radon mitigation system; the effective and affordable solution for existing homes.

Brochures are available via Tjernlund Products web site at or by calling 800-255-4208.