Xylem-052812-body.jpgThe Bell & Gossett Circuit Setter® Plus balance valves are the first complete line of lead-free balance valves.

 Xylem announces the introduction of its complete line of Bell & Gossett Lead-Free* Circuit Setter Plus balance valves. The entire line of Circuit Setter Plus balance valves meets the requirements of California’s AB1953 and Vermont’s S152 legislation, and exceeds the current requirements in the other 48 states.

Designed specifically for pre-set proportional system balance, the Circuit Setter Plus line features integrated pressure/temperature ports to easily verify the flow rates and temperatures. This innovative system balance method, which was developed by Bell & Gossett, assures optimum system flow balance at minimum energy consumption and total water usage.

Additional features of the Lead-Free Circuit Setter Plus balance valves line include:

  • Complete line from 1/2 inch to 3 inch valves
  • Suitable for all plumbing and HVAC applications
  • Optimizes plumbing and HVAC system efficiency
  • Provides accurate, calibrated, flow readings
  • CSA Certified: AB1953; Vermont S152; Maryland House Bill 372 [Statue 12-605]
  • ANSI/NSF-61 Annex G compliant
  • Bi-directional design allows any installation configuration
  • 400 PSI working pressure
  • Stainless steel ball
  • Conserves Water

Mark Handzel, director of building services marketing at Xylem Residential & Commercial Water said, “As market leaders, we strive to ensure that our products meet or exceed the requirements of current as well as new legislation. Xylem now has the first complete line of lead-free balance valves available for plumbing systems.”

The Lead-Free Circuit Setter Plus is an energy-efficient balancing device that minimizes the cost to operate plumbing and HVAC systems thus making it an essential part of any green building system. For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett Representative or visit our website at www.balancevalves.com.

To learn more about Bell & Gossett and other Xylem Residential and Commercial Water brands such as A-C Fire Pump, Goulds Water Technology, Flowtronex, Lowara, and McDonnell & Miller, visit www.completewatersystems.com.

 * Lead-Free contains less than 0.25% lead content by weight on wetted surfaces.