Eaton-052812-body.jpgNew, enhanced power Xpert Gateways are designed to deliver real-time monitoring, helping customers improve operational efficiency, optimize and validate energy use.

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has announced the release of Power Xpert® Gateway E series, which gathers energy and power data from electrical equipment. Bridging information technology and facility management, Eaton Power Xpert Gateway (PXG) delivers real-time, web-enabled, secure monitoring of electrical distribution equipment for customers including education, government, financial, health care, manufacturing, and commercial facilities. 

Power Xpert Gateways provide flexible and expandable solutions that can be used with small systems or scaled for enterprises. With plug-and-play functionality, PXG provides small systems with a standalone solution to log and trend energy and power data. Additional software is typically not needed. On the other hand, the PXG serves as a data collection point for multiple devices in larger systems with remote locations, and works with Power Xpert Software or third-party monitoring systems.

“Eaton is advancing power management with industry-leading solutions that help customers better utilize electrical power and control costs,” said Rick Schear, Eaton product manager. “Eaton Power Xpert Gateways are part of a suite of solutions that bring diverse power components like meters, relays, and trip units into a system that can be monitored and managed. Specifically, Power Xpert Gateways help facility managers collect and aggregate data from Eaton and third-party electrical equipment – enhancing workplace safety while providing critical information to validate energy usage, helping to avoid peak demand chrges, and improving overall system operation.”

By remotely transmitting data, Power Xpert Gateways enhance facility safety. Personnel can avoid entering the arc flash boundary of electrical distribution equipment to read and record key power data.

The Power Xpert Gateway E series includes PXG 400E and PXG 600E models, which build on the first generation PXG. A new hardware platform, combined with feature enhancements, provides faster system response times, increased data transfer rates and memory to support log depth. The PXG 400E is ideal for real-time monitoring and integration with energy and building management systems. The PXG 600E adds logging to store and trend historical data and email notification to report events or send logs. Further, the PXG 600E is a standalone solution, able to log and trend data with outbound communications.

The PXG 800E offers all the functionality of the PXG 600E, plus it provides customers additional capability to view how data is presented, compare information across devices and monitor specific parameters to meet the unique customer needs. Customers can tailor the data presented through the PXG 800E along five parameters, including line-line voltage, line-neutral voltage, current, power or energy to be shown for multiple devices. Custom graphic images that link to the metered devices make it easier to navigate and visualize critical energy and power data. Further, customers can create custom events and compare data across multiple meters.  

The Eaton PXG 600E and 800E devices can be used with the Power Xpert Energy Viewer, afree software download. The Power Xpert Energy Viewer retrieves energy usage data from the interval log files in the PXG 600E and PXG 800E, and provides a menu-driven solution to compare data between devices, avoiding complex Microsoft® Excel formulas and comparisons. Instead, the easy-to-use Power Xpert Energy Viewer creates easy-to-read reports to make informed energy management decisions.