Pottorf-052112-body.jpgPottorff release the VFD-10D, a horizontal curtain fire damper.

Pottorff has released its VFD-10D curtain fire damper horizontal mount, which is approved for up to 36- x 36-in. single sections at 2,000 fpm velocity and 4-in. w.g. pressure, and up to 36- x 36-in. or 72- x 18-in. multiple sections at 4,000 fpm velocity and 4-in. W.g. pressure. UL 555 testing was performed in Pottorff's state-of-the-art lab following the ANSI/AMCA 500-D test standard. Pottorff is the only manufacturer with a UL listed VFD-10D horizontal mount fire damper at 4,000 fpm velocity.