Caleffi-05142012-body.pngThe company has added the DIRTMAG® magnetic dirt separator line to its product offerings.

Caleffi once again revolutionizes the hydronic industry with the new DIRTMAG®. Installers and service technicians are well aware of the problems that ferrous oxide can cause in hydronic systems. These particles are attracted to permanent magnets, common in today’s high efficiency circulator motors. The fine ferrous particles will work their way into the wet rotor bearing cartridges and cause the impeller to stick or lock up.

Typical hydronic filters and separators cannot efficiently and quickly remove the tiny ferrous particles. Caleffi DIRTMAG is unique in function and construction, providing user-friendly features. To remove the trapped particles the powerful magnetic ring is easily detached from the brass body. The particles will then settle to the bottom bell of the DIRTMAG. The easy-to-use drain valve will allow the particles to be flushed into a container for examination. There is no need to drop the system pressure or stop the operation of the system. No disassembly is required to release the trapped particles. The DIRTMAG is available in sizes 1 to 2 in. with threaded or sweat connections.