Fieldpiece-Instruments_04-30-12_body.jpgThe PRH2 is a fast reacting psychrometer in a convenient pocket size.

Fieldpiece Instruments has introduced a pocket psychrometer, PRH2, for on-the-go HVACR field service. The PRH2 is an economical, stand-alone psychrometer that measures wet bulb, %rh, dewpoint, and drybulb temperatures, all in the convenience of a pocket tool. 

Portable enough to clip into a pocket, the PRH2 is great for walk-around testing, and the pen-like psychrometer features a slim, 2-in. long tip to take measurements easily inside ductwork.

“This ultra-portable psychrometer is the new must-have tool for techs,” said Russell Harju, product manager. “We engineer every one of our tools to fit HVACR professionals needs specifically, so we packed the measurements that techs use most in a slim, pocket tool.  It’s handy no matter where they are on the job site, plus it has a bright backlight so it’s easy to read in dark areas.”

The PRH2 runs on a single AA-battery that lasts up to 100 hrs. Techs can find the portable psychrometer in a convenient counter display at their nearest Fieldpiece distributor.