Siemens-04-09-12-body.jpgFacility to go™ mobile app enables anytime, anywhere access to Siemens Building Systems.

Siemens Building Technologies Division has introduced its Facility To Go™ application for mobile devices, enabling anytime, anywhere monitoring and control of the Siemens APOGEE® and TALON® BAS. Facility To Go is a free, text-based app used for point monitoring and commanding from a Blackberry® and Android™ smartphone or tablet. (iPhone® app coming soon)

The application uses the BACnet controller’s Web services option to connect directly to a Siemens field panel and allows complete access to all points on the panel.  This provides a quick and secure mechanism to monitor and command points on the go while leveraging the controller’s existing user authentication mechanism. It requires no initial configuration or customized user interfaces.

With Facility To Go, users can gain greater productivity while cost effectively and efficiently accessing building systems and equipment, such as lighting, HVAC, elevators, and security. Features include:

  • A quick, secure way to monitor and command control points while on the go;
  • The ability to analyze and react to notifications of alarm on a smart phone;
  • Tighter management capabilities through more frequent monitoring;
  • A user-friendly and intuitive smart phone touch screen design, and
  • Optional “favorites” lists that enable more targeted queries and faster system access/control.

Unlike some other web-based mobile applications, Facility To Go is specifically designed to take full advantage of the Blackberry® and Android™ operating systems while leveraging other phone features such as the local device storage for cleaner and more focused queries with minimal user navigation.

The Facility To Go mobile app is available at Android Market and BlackBerry App World.