Danfoss has introduced Danfoss Learning, a unique online education and training portal that provides access to a wide variety of courses, both online and onsite, across subject areas relevant to Danfoss products, solutions, services, and technologies.

“The main objective of Danfoss Learning is to create a single, user-friendly, professional, and flexible learning portal with a complete overview of the many Danfoss education and training materials available and accessible at all times,” said Jason Paquette, marketing manager, Danfoss Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. “It provides an effective and efficient way to participate in global and local Danfoss education and training activities online as well as onsite.”

Danfoss Learning offers courses delivered in three different ways: self-study courses, which can be taken online and independently at any time using a computer with internet access; face-to-face courses, which are traditional, instructor-led classes held at various education and training facilities; and virtual learning courses, which are live, internet-based courses where participants receive training from one or more instructors in a real-time virtual environment.

All course and learning materials available through Danfoss Learning have been developed by experienced trainers and experts to offer best practice methods and tools, according to the company. Because the portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, participants can learn at their convenience. In addition, a personalized learning dashboard enables participants to track their registration, learning activities in progress and completed courses.

Available to installers, wholesalers, students, technicians, and OEM developers, Danfoss Learning provides easy access to information that will enhance professional skills and competencies.

Currently, Danfoss offers courses in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Controls, Commercial Compressors, VLT Drives and Heating Solutions, with plans to update and upgrade courses and content to cover a wide range of subjects relevant to users.

To learn more or to get started on a personalized education and training program, visit www.learning.danfoss.us.