The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is designed to make building performance visual and easy to understand.

QA Graphics has released a new mobile application feature for their Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard.

QA Graphics’ Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard makes building performance visual and easy to understand.   The educational factor separates it from traditional monitoring dashboards. The solution can contribute to helping building occupants better understand and reduce their energy usage. With the development of this new mobile energy dashboard app, users can access building performance information on the go, and compare it to other organizations that have an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard in place. The new app is capable of accessing real-time building data from multiple locations and different building automation systems simultaneously.   It’s almost limitless as to how many data points can be accessed, and the application can be developed for use across multiple mobile platforms. 

“This new feature expands the potential impact of occupant awareness to a new level. Now that multiple organizations can compare building performance, energy awareness can be much more social,” said Dan McCarty, president of QA Graphics. “For example, universities can get students involved in sustainable initiatives and compare dormitory performance across campus, as well as with other universities across the country.”

This new mobile app complements QA Graphics’ other solutions that allow organizations to make building performance more visible:

  • Gateway for BAS devices or meters: A fully programmable controller that can communicate with any BAS and acts as another device node using the BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, or Lon communication protocols.
  • Web Interface for JCI Metasys®: Web interface streamlines the integration process with Johnson Controls Inc.’s Metasys building management system and eliminates the need for additional hardware. It takes advantage of the MSEA Secure Data Access DLL to securely access the Metasys system extended architecture (MSEA) data, and handles the entire JCI point configuration, MSEA login, MSEA data retrieval, and the formatting of the returned data for display.
  • Module for Niagara AX®: A licensed module file that works exclusively with a Niagara AX device, and acts as the gateway between the building automation system and energy dashboard application.