Pump-Flo-Solutions-03-19-12-body.jpgBuild your own PUMP-FLO electronic catalogs and curves.

 P-Library will allow users to generate a pump curve and catalog file for use in the PIPE-FLO, Flow of Fluids, and PUMP-FLO software programs.

P-Library allows pump manufacturers to manage and make updates to their own electronic pump catalogs and curves. Because P-Library is the muscle behind the PUMP-FLO curves, the files created are all completely compatible with all PUMP-FLO selection products. The catalog can then be used for internal record keeping, generating factory certified curves for sales packages, distributed to end-users for use with the PUMP-FLO desktop selection software, and it can even be posted on PUMP-FLO.com.

PIPE-FLO Professional software users will find this program to be particularly time saving because building a pump catalog in P-Library is faster, allows for multiple impeller diameters to be included and is saved in a format that can be used in different system files rather than having to build a pump curve for every new piping system design in the PIPE-FLO software.

P-Library creates data-driven curves using a cubic spline regression as opposed to polynomial regression.

P-Library comes with an introductory training course, one year of software support and upgrades, and a detailed user guide that gets you up and running quickly.

P-Library Features

  • Create files compatible with PIPE-FLO, Flow of Fluids and PUMP-FLO software
  • Quickly and easily copy and paste performance data in and out of the software via a table interface or enter using a digitizing tablet
  • Store additional data such as pump performance limits, physical characteristics and identifiers with each pump curve record
  • Drag-and-drop to instantly adjust curve points
  • Specify the performance range for which a pump is appropriate using the selection window feature
  • Make bulk data changes using spreadsheet editor
  • Attach additional documents such as O&M manuals, sales brochures, and technical drawings to individual curves or catalogs
  • Specify performance for up to 75 h/q curves per performance curve, or allow PUMP-FLO's exclusive interpolation algorithms calculate data between trims
  • Extrapolate performance data to different speeds via affinity laws
  • Automatically generate iso-efficiency data and iso-power data
  • Specify motors using a standard motor table or specify custom motor frames and enclosures