Mestex-03-12-2012-body.jpgMestex has released the latest edition of its Adaptaire  BMS.

Mestex, a division of Mestek, has released the latest version of its revolutionary Adaptaire system.

The Adaptaire workspace is an innovative, web-based building management program that can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world with Internet Explorer — offering real-time monitoring of comfort and satisfaction.

Using microprocessor-based control modules and advanced server communications systems, Adaptaire allows facility operators to monitor everything from heating and air conditioning to alarms directly from an IE browser.

In addition to interface updates like right-click menus and zoom/resize options, the updated program allows operators to quickly generate alarm and equipment-based reports faster than ever before. Users even have the option to filter a report to show only equipment for specific control programs.

The Adaptaire system offers advanced cost-saving opportunities with its Schedules program as well.

The Schedules feature enables operators to set optimal starts and demand control points for zones that may only require adequate temperature when occupied — severely reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort.