En TouchThe company’s Universal Energy Monitor is designed to help small businesses manage and reduce energy costs.

EnTouch Controls has expanded its family of wireless energy sensors that support the EnTouch Energy Management System (EMS) with the launch of the GM8 Universal Energy Monitor.  Along with the EnTouch EMS, the GM8 provides facility energy data that allows small business owners to take control of their energy costs.

The GM8 Energy Monitor is installed in a facility and provides highly accurate energy consumption data wirelessly back to the EnTouch master controller. The GM8 monitors total business energy usage along with up to eight branch circuits. Multiple devices can be connected to provide additional monitoring points and the system can quickly scale to meet the needs of small and large facilities.

The GM8 integrates wirelessly with the EnTouch EMS and energy usage can be monitored remotely through the EntouchGo web portal, enabling real time control and analysis of facility energy consumption. The fully wireless design eliminates the need to run additional wires during installation, saving on deployment time and money.

The EnTouch EMS is targeted at small commercial businesses including restaurants, retail stores, service businesses, convenience stores and small offices. Introduced in early 2011, the EnTouch EMS replaces existing thermostats in these facilities and utilizes a proprietary wireless network of HVAC controls and energy monitoring sensors to provide full control of HVAC and energy monitoring of main and branch circuits. The system is remotely accessible through the customer’s WiFi network, providing automation, data reporting and maintenance alerting features.

The combination of energy savings and low installation cost results in significant savings on energy bills and a rapid return on investment. The system often pays for itself in less than 12 months.

“The cost of energy is rising for business owners, and without monitoring our customers tell us they have very little idea of how to control this cost,” said Greg Fasullo, CEO of EnTouch Controls. “Traditional energy monitoring systems are expensive to install and just too difficult to use. Our system is unique in that it is easy to install, easy to use, and provides simple tools to monitor energy and identify areas for improvement.  The system has shown users a savings of 20% or more on energy bills, which adds up to thousands of dollars in annual savings per facility. By simplifying the monitoring and reporting, our customers capture these savings quickly and stay in control year after year, managing their cost of energy.”

Each GM8 features metering grade measurement of three phase input feeds and can support utility panels with voltage ratings from 120V to 480V and current ratings from 200 amps to 2,000 amps. The branch circuits can be configured to support single pole, double pole, and three pole feeds up to 200 amps.  The sensor provides real time data on facility energy consumption along with detailed information on power quality data such as phase voltages, power factors, and harmonic content.