Superior Boiler WorksThe Creek high-efficiency condensing boiler line is the company’s first foray into the condensing market.

Superior Boiler Works, Inc. is offering a full line of new high-efficiency condensing boilers under the name “Creek.” This boiler line represents the company’s move into the condensing market and will further complement Superior’s other boiler room-related product offerings.

The Creek boilers being offered include standard sizes from 4,000,000 Btuh to 12,000,000 Btuh at 160 psig design pressure. They will operate at up to 98% efficiencies and higher in some cases. The Creek boiler also is available to support applications and installations where low NOx emissions are required.

 “Superior Boiler Works is extremely excited to announce the Creek line of boilers to the marketplace. The Creek product line will enhance SBW’s product portfolio and offer a unique opportunity for customers who are looking for exceptional boiler products and value from a proven industry leader. The design, high-efficiency and low emissions of the Creek boiler are backed by our proven standards of workmanship and quality,” said Doug Wright, Superior’s president and chief executive officer.

“Superior Boiler Works expects the Creek to be in high demand in certain markets, and we are excited about its prospects,” said Gabriel Dauphin, Superior’s national sales manager. “We are extremely pleased at how efficient and well-engineered the product is for the applications in which it will be used.”