The largest craft brewer in North Carolina, Highland Brewing Company has grown considerably since it began operation in Asheville as a basement start-up using retrofitted dairy equipment in 1994.

A new boiler system saved this brewer money on fuel costs and reduced its CO2 emissions.

Today, Highland occupies a large, efficient brewery that produces an array of popular ales anticipated to exceed 25,000 barrels this year. Integral to Highland’s expansion was its recent choice of a gas-fired LX-100 boiler from Miura, a manufacturer of ultra-low NOx modular on-demand steam solutions.

As Kevin Wheeler, director of operations explains, there are multiple reasons why the Miura LX-100 is an excellent ingredient in Highland’s formula for achieving a combination of improved operational efficiencies, fuel economy, and environmental sustainability.

“When we decided to increase our brewing capacity we spoke to other craft brewers and learned of Miura’s great reputation,” Wheeler recalls. “Miura met our needs in terms of energy savings, on-demand steam, low emissions, and a smaller footprint.”

Microprocessor-controlled for precision operation, Miura boilers save an average of 20% annually on fuel costs over other boilers for typical installations. This savings is due to Miura’s unique “once through” fintube design, which conserves fuel, water, and physical space. Even with a smaller footprint, however, Miura’s exclusive design produces bhp outputs comparable to much larger units. Utilizing its unique “floating header” design, Miura’s boilers are engineered to go from a cold start to full steam in less than five minutes. This on-demand steam-generation feature enables users to precisely match load fluctuations as they occur, instead of consuming energy while idling a boiler in stand-by.

“We use our LX-100 to heat our brewing water (known as ‘hot liquor’), we use it on our keg line for heat/steam/sanitation, and we use it for our boil and our mash in the brewing process,” Wheeler says. “Sometimes we need lots of steam; other times we don’t. A conventional-style boiler would need to run constantly to maintain its peak output level. With the Miura LX-100, however, we can shut it off all weekend, blow it down, drain it out, and save gas. On Monday morning we turn it on and have full steam by the time we walk over to the brew house.”