WennSoftWennSoft® introduces WennSoft Signature 2010 r2  a complete solution for companies in the energy, construction, mechanical contracting, specialty trades and equipment related fields that want strong business insights reporting; choice and flexibility of functionality across operations, CRM and ERP; and are focused on operational efficiencies resulting in retaining and growing profit margins.

The product release features new refrigerant tracking, service estimator, and customer relationship management (CRM) accelerator for construction that streamline business processes contractors need. WennSoft Signature delivers on the company’s vision by increasing collaboration and cross company insights to drive growth.

Streamline Business Processes

WennSoft Signature includes the functions and tools tailored to the requirements of specific organizational roles. New features simplify business operations like job forecast revisions and service estimation delivered in Excel. “By combining the operational power and the productivity solutions included in Microsoft Office, we’re able to support people in a way that’s familiar to them,” said Julie West, president of WennSoft. “This solution is a great choice for companies focused on solutions that are easily adopted and can grow with their changing requirements.”

Collaborate for Success

Driving billing efficiency and optimizing speed to cash demands service technicians’ ability to complete work order details onsite. Technicians use MobileTech to enter purchase orders, secure customer signatures, invoice and collect payment in the field. Billing can be completed daily. MobileTech coupled with  also provides customers up to the minute status on their work orders as well as other critical maintenance information.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as the CRM accelerator, helps construction companies find, pursue and close business. Customers can jumpstart their CRM initiatives to proactively managing their bids pipeline, focus on managing account details including locations and equipment, and manage relationship centric workflow across their organization.

Enhance Insights

WennSoft Signature provides a complete set of SQL Services Reporting Services reports (SSRS), enhanced interoperability and works with many of the reporting tools including PowerPivot for Microsoft Office Excel 2010. Dashboard views for customers through the Customer Portalas well as dashboard capabilities are available across company roles.


WennSoft Signature is available directly from WennSoft as well as from a global network of local partners. Customers may choose to deploy the solution on-premise or hosted.