Spirax SarcoSpirax Sarco’s HVAC Solutions has been rebranded with the new name Steam DesignPro to meet the demand of mechanical engineers, designers, and contractors in the HVAC market. The software was created as a visual design tool through an easy, drag-and-drop method for designing and modelling HVAC steam systems.

The intuitive Windows® – based software allows for easy modelling of steam generation, steam distribution, steam utilization and condensate-handling systems. The program automatically performs many of the engineering calculations and design tasks that HVAC professionals currently accomplish manually, including: head loss and static pressure calculations, pipe and duct sizing, data recalculation, component insertion, full psychrometic calculations and equipment type changes on-the-fly.

Plus, Steam DesignPro supports compiling of equipment schedules based on the Spirax Sarco catalog. Minimal training is required to use this software and one can reuse designs from job to job.

Bruce Moninghoff, Vice President of Spirax Sarco Sales states, “With Steam DesignPro the design and layout of steam systems has never been easier. Consulting Engineers and Designers will now have everything at their fingertips. They will love this program!”

Additional features include the ability to select relief valves, flowmeters for steam and hydronic applications and control valves.

To download your free copy of Steam DesignPro go to www.spiraxsarco.com/us.