Daat ResearchIn its new v5.0 release, Daat Research Corp. www.daat.com has further upped the breakthrough performance of CoolitDC, the company’s CFD thermal modeling software for data centers. Though CoolitDC is already the undisputed leader in solution speed, Daat has further boosted solver performance 30%. It also increased preprocessor performance over 10-fold to permit building larger models in less time. Third party testing has verified that the software trumps major competitors in handling complex problems accurately, quickly and with a minimum of computing resources — only a laptop is required. The intuitive user interface makes it is easy-to-learn for engineers with no product training. 

CoolitDC v5.0 adds a new highly accurate turbulence flow model fine-tuned for data center modeling, implements rack data import from Excel, and from CAD files. The result is faster, easier and more efficient model building. In addition, optimized grid generation enhances the user experience and creates more robust models.