Onset (http://www.onsetcomp.com) has released a new Wind Direction Smart Sensor, a research-grade plug-and-play sensor for measuring and logging wind direction data.


The easy-to-use sensor, which works with the company’s award-winning HOBO® Weather Stations, offers years of reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments. Customers will use the wind sensor in a broad range of applications, including agricultural research, crop management, wind resource assessment, building energy studies, meteorology, and environmental studies.

Key advantages include:

Shielded stainless steel ball bearings – provides optimal reliability and long life

Balanced wind vane — provides smooth response to wind changes

Plug-and-play design — no complicated wiring or programming

Wind averaging – provides higher accuracy wind data

Drip overhang — minimizes icing


The new Wind Direction Smart Sensor can be used individually, or coupled with Onset’s Wind Speed Smart Sensor. By combining the two sensors (sold optionally as a set), customers can collect average wind speed, highest three-second wind gust, and average wind direction.

Compatible Weather Stations

Onset HOBO Weather Stations combine plug-and-play convenience with research-grade performance.  Ideal for a range of applications, HOBO U30 stations feature a rugged, double-weatherproof enclosure for long-term use in harsh environments, a choice of web-based and standalone communications options, and a wide range of plug-and-play Smart Sensors to choose from. HOBO Micro Stations provide cost-effective micro climate monitoring, reliable performance in harsh environments, and are battery-powered for up to one year. Please see http://www.onsetcomp.com/products/sensors/wind-speed-direction for more details.