Engineers tasked with improving efficiency and reducing cost find Assured Automation's 3-way PVC ball valves provide both. Rather than using two 2-way automated valves to control the flow of liquids, a single 3-way valve does the job with fewer components and lower cost.

Better Economics

With a single automated 3-way valve, there is no 11.15.11 Assured Automation in bodyneed to purchase and install multiple actuators and solenoids which saves I/O space in the control panel. A single 3-way valve eliminates extra overhead and installation time — and money. In addition, eliminating the second valve, actuator, and solenoid reduces the weight of the piping system and occupies less space.

Online Configurator

Assured Automation has added an online configurator for the PTP Series 3-way PVC ball valve to make it quick and easy for engineers to specify their requirements and obtain all relevant information needed to make a selection. Within a few key clicks, engineers select:

  • Valve Size
  • End Connections

  • Actuator type (pneumatic, electric)

  • Accessories (limit switches, solenoid valves)

When selecting among the configurator options, engineers are able to:

  • See the complete valve design

  • Generate prices and quotes

  • Order immediately online