Whether it’s a planned outage or an unexpected emergency, Indeck’s new 395 psi design trailer-mounted boilers are ready to provide the power when it is needed.  They are built at Indeck's own plant and feature higher efficiency and reliability due to the state-of-the-art design.  The 75k pph boilers are available in a variety of pressures and either saturated or superheat for job specific conditions.  Installation is simple with a single electrical connection and easily accessible piping connections. Trust the Indeck name for quality boilers to get your plant running and back on schedule in no time.  Indeck has the widest inventory of boilers for sale, lease or rent, for additional information see http://www.indeck.com/rental_boilers.htm.

11.15.11 Indeck in bodyIndeckunderstands that an uninterrupted source of electrical power is critical to keep a facility operating. Indeck has boilers to meet plant requirements for emergency, temporary, or back-up usage.Russ Rabago, Senior Sales Engineer notes, “With our own trailer-mounted boilers, we can have a boiler out the door in minutes.  As the first emergency boiler rental company, we take pride in serving customers today as we did 50 years ago.”