Nautilair™ 12.3 in. variable-speed BLDC blowers provide high-performance compact solutions for high-output gas-fired burner systems. When used in conjunction with a gas valve and Venturi, these pre-mix blowers deliver a measured air/fuel mixture for optimized combustion and reduced nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions.

They offer ideal alternatives to conventional and larger fixed-speed or two-speed blowers, intake damper systems on fixed-speed blowers, or inverter-driven variable-speed blowers. Typical applications include commercial boilers, water heaters, digital printing equipment, electronic cooling, and industrial processing, among others.

Nautilair 12.3 in. blowers can achieve maximum sealed pressure capabilities up to 20 in. of H2O and maximum open flows to 1,000 cfm, depending on model. Versions can accept line voltage input of 120 VAC (1Ø) or 240 VAC (1Ø and 3Ø), where internal electronics convert the AC input voltage to DC.

Speed can be adjusted internally with an onboard potentiometer or with an external, user-supplied PWM or DC control that actively varies blower performance (eliminating a need for complex air intake damper systems). These high-efficiency blowers are designed to operate in excess of 20,000 hours virtually maintenance-free.

Customized options can be incorporated to optimize blower performance for specific application requirements.Nautilair in body