ALEXANDRIA, Va.(June 30, 2009) –The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and BuildingGreen, LLC recently launched a trial program that allows manufacturers to suggest a product for listing in theGreenSpec® DirectoryviaGreenFormat™.For the test period, manufacturers that want to suggest a product for GreenSpec listing are guaranteed a review of their product by GreenSpec if they provide comprehensive information via GreenFormat.

GreenSpec was the first national online directory of green building products, and it is widely used today by building designers and product specifiers. Products for GreenSpec are selected by BuildingGreen's editors, based on their own research and analysis of products. GreenFormat is a Web-based CSI format that allows manufacturers to self-report the sustainability properties of their products in a standard manner. CSI developed GreenFormat with support from the Charles Pankow Foundation and the assistance of BuildingGreen

The two directories complement each other.
  • GreenFormat provides a uniform, organized structure for manufacturers to report the sustainable properties of their products. It offers professionals who make building product choices the information they need to assess products according to their projects' needs. (CSI neither evaluates nor endorses the products listed in GreenFormat.)
  • GreenSpec evaluates building products, selecting for inclusion those that meet key green criteria. Under this pilot program, GreenSpec will provide a link from an accepted product's listing in its directory to that product's listing in GreenFormat for those who need additional information.
"CSI is pleased to partner with BuildingGreen in this trial program to help them enhance the submission process for GreenSpec," said CSI's Professional & Technical Services director Roger Grant, CSI. "GreenFormat saves manufacturers the time of filling out multiple questionnaires by providing a consistent framework for reporting their products' sustainable attributes. And this program leverages that savings even further by also helping them with the GreenSpec submittal process."

GreenSpec will guarantee review of unsolicited suggestions for product listings if comprehensive information about those products is provided through GreenFormat. "GreenFormat will provide GreenSpec with structured product information that will help us make apples-to-apples comparisons among green products," said BuildingGreen's research director Jennifer Atlee. "We believe that working with CSI will help BuildingGreen in its mission to cut through the green wash and provide reliable product assessments to our customers and the larger building industry."

Manufacturers can list products on GreenFormat regardless of whether BuildingGreen accepts the product for listing in GreenSpec.

The GreenSpec-GreenFormat pilot program will run for up to six months and if successful will be continued as part of ongoing joint efforts by CSI and BuildingGreen to help the industry select and evaluate products.

To submit a product for GreenSpec review via GreenFormat, visit