LONMARK International (LMI), a non-profit trade association recognized as the industry authority for certification, education, and promotion of interoperability standards for the benefit of manufacturers, integrators, and end users welcomes the following five companies to its growing member base.

JS Building Automation S.r.lis one of the leading system integrators in Italy, and offers innovative and competitive solutions for Building Automation Management. As a designer, producer and developer of LONWORKS-based hardware and software, JS Building Automation provides a single and open solution to ensure the lighting, security and HVAC automation management system by a simple and intuitive user interface.

THERMOKON Sensortechnik GmbHis the biggest independent manufacturer of sensors in Germany, and offers a wide product range of standard sensors, as well as a comprehensive line of special devices, which can easily be adapted to the most varied application requirements when it comes to technology and design.

Plexus Technology Inc.has offices in the UK and North America, and has been involved with LONWORKS applications since 1997. Plexus has been in the forefront of developing web-based solutions for the integration and connectivity of open and many current and legacy proprietary control networks and devices. Plexus has also developed a powerful suite of ALTITUDEnergy Management solutions for real time automatic meter reading, energy profiling, energy alert reporting, and energy base-lining and demand management.

SafeSquare GmbHis a young and innovative German company, offering a comprehensive and integrated service portfolio for safety technology in accordance with IEC 61508. SafeSquare offers solutions ranging from project management, training, consulting, concept development, cooperation with certification bodies, hard- and software development, documentation, prototyping, and environmental audits, to testing and production management.

nfor Global Solutionsis a USA-based company with offices in 125 countries around the world. Infor offers a full range of enterprise business software including customer relationship management, enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, human capital management, performance management, product lifecycle management, supplier relationship management, and supply chain management, including business specific inventory management, transportation logistics and warehouse management software.

“We welcome the new members to LONMARK International, and look forward to working together to leverage the experience and insight they bring to the LONMARK organization”, says Ron Bernstein, Executive Director of LONMARK International. “Each one of these companies is a great asset to the LONMARK community in their own right, and will be invaluable to our ongoing technical, educational, and promotional efforts to broaden the use of open LONWORKS solutions.”