February 11, 2008 - San Jose, CA - LONMARK International (LMI), a non-profit trade association recognized as the industry authority for certification, education and promotion of interoperability standards for the benefit of manufacturers, integrators and end users is proud to announce that January 31, 2008, marked the first anniversary of its successful Professional Certification Testing Program.

As end users continue to require their engineering staff to become trained and certified, thus paving the way for an even higher level of qualified industry professionals, LONMARK 's Professional Certification Testing Program continues to gain strength, and since the testing program was launched at the AHR show in Dallas in January 2007, close to 135 individuals have taken the test.

The aim of the Professional Certification Testing Program is to test and certify engineers, integrators, and designers. This will ensure that building owners and occupiers the world over will be safe in the knowledge that only the most qualified people are working on their projects thus allowing for the best possible systems being installed.

The test is open to any industry professional involved in the design, specification, integration or installation of LON® control networks. Those passing the test are recognized LonMark Certified Professionals and hold the credentials associated with comprehensive LON technology knowledge. As a bonus to LONMARK members, who have passed the credentialling program requirements, their contact information will be published in the Certified Professional section of the LONMARK website.

The LONMARK Professional Certification test is a comprehensive online test, which can only be taken at the certified LONMARK Testing Centers. The 150 multiple-choice questions cover 12 subject areas, including: LONWORKS® history and terminology, physical and logical network structuring, installation, communication, LONWORKS and IP, and user interfaces. The test is currently available in English and German, with other languages to follow.

The cost is US $250 for LONMARK members, and $300 per person for non-LONMARK members. For anyone interested in registering for the test, please log onto www.lonmark.org/testing for more information. This page will also show the link for the registration page.