HVAC Excellence and Ferris State University have partnered up to develop a new green building training manual titledGreen Mechanical Systems - Awareness of Fundamental and Emerging Green Technologies.”This manual, printed by ESCO Press, is designed to provide a basic understanding of green concepts, terminologies, systems, and the latest in green mechanical technology. Ferris State University and HVAC Excellence are developing additional technical training manuals covering an array of Green Mechanical issues. The first of these Going Green Book Series “Combustion Analysis” is now available and covers the maximization of furnace and boiler energy efficiency.

The new manual covers the following topics, concepts and terminology, energy efficiency, energy management, alternative energy, products and systems, comfort cooling, comfort heating, high-efficiency forced-air heating systems, solar heating systems, optimized steam systems, comfort heating and cooling combination systems, electrical, lighting, plumbing, reduced water volume systems, and more.

For more information, call 1-800-726-9696 or visit www.escoinst.com.