ClimaCool reports that the UCA offers true flexibility to meet all of an enduser’s needs with three simple operating requirements: air, water and electricity. This eliminates any need for cooling towers and reduces water treatment requirements while offering a minimum of 10.0 EER at full-load.

UCA modules are available in 20 and 30 ton units which, when combined, can obtain specific project turndown and capacity requirements up to 360 tons per bank providing maximum redundancy for all cooling needs – comfort or data center. The UCA can satisfy future incremental growth needs by simply adding modules as building size or occupancy rates grow. This model is a quiet, serviceable and extremely efficient system that will offer years of reliable operation.

“We are really excited about the expansion of our modular chiller product offering. The UCA provides the same true redundancy, ease of serviceability, installation flexibility, reliable operation and compact footprint found in all ClimaCool products. Designers and end users have been requesting extremely quiet operation, application flexibility and leading energy efficiencies in a packaged air cooled solution and we have satisfied these objectives.” said Ross Miglio, president of ClimaCool Corp.

LEED® categories satisfied by the UCA system are as follows: sustainable sites and building re-use, water efficiency, enhanced commissioning and measurement verification, optimized energy performance, and thermal comfort.