Matco-Norcaoffers a range of rugged B5 and B6 Series Butterfly valves for use in industrial applications.

B5 Series valves are available in wafer and lug style in 200 psi, 2- to 12-in. and 150 psi, 14- to 36-in. sizes. The discs are available in ductile iron, aluminium-bronze or 316 Grade stainless steel with both BUNA-N and EPDM liners (Viton liners available upon request) and Teflon graphite valve stem bushings. Valves with BUNA-N liners are suitable for oil and gas applications; valves with EPDM liners are suitable for high temperature water and air applications up to 250°F. The B5 has a broached disc that is specifically designed to accept the milled square stem, thus providing substantially lower torque values.

For use in underground installations, B5 extension kits are available featuring a one-piece inner stem construction and BUNA gaskets for water tight seals in 24-, 36-, 48-, 60- and 72-in. lengths. Extensions can be “stacked” on each other in order to achieve a desired length.

B6 Series valves are available in wafer and lug styles in 200 psi, 2- to 12-in. sizes. B6 valves have a cast iron body and come with a ductile iron nickel plated disc with BUNA-N seat and Teflon stem bushings. B6 valves are available with lever and worm gear operators. The lug configuration is suitable for dead-end service.