Distech Controls, a provider of building automation and energy management solutions, announced that the new BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) BTL Listed ECB-300 are now available. This latest release extends Distech Controls’ New Standard in BACnet offering.

The ECB-300 is a microprocessor-based programmable controller designed to control various building automation applications such as small to medium air handling units, chillers, boilers, and cooling towers. The ECB-300 can be custom programmed using EC-gfxProgram graphical programming interface. In addition, the company announced that the ECB-400 and ECB-600 Series are now also BTL Listed as B-AAC controllers, providing increased data sharing services such as read and write multiple properties, alarm generation and events management, scheduling capabilities, as well as time synchronization.

 With the introduction of these B-AAC controllers, Distech Controls now offers products in all BTL device profiles for controllers, offering engineers and system integrators more flexibility and options for system design and installation.

“Our New Standard in BACnet offering has been enthusiastically adopted by our System Integrators and Channel Partners,” comments Etienne Veilleux, President & CEO of Distech Controls. “Distech Controls is committed to providing the most feature-rich and innovative products in the industry. Our product line increases installation and commissioning efficiency and provides built-in energy saving features that allow our clients to be more competitive, while offering the latest technology to building owners.”

Distech Controls also introduced EC-gfxProgram 4.0, its powerful and intuitive common graphical programming interface for Distech Controls’ BACnet and LONWORKS controllers. A true open system offering, EC-gfxProgram 4.0 significantly increases productivity at installation, reduces overall project cost, and allows for optimized equipment operation.

For additional information on the BACnet ECB Series of controllers, visit the Distech Controls website here. To learn more about EC-gfxProgram 4.0 common graphical programming interface, visit the Distech Controls website here.