Berner International Corp., a leading U.S. manufacturer of air curtains, introduces the second generation of the In-Ceiling Mount featuring the Intelliswitch 2™ digital controller and the new patented-pending Pro-V Nozzle, resulting in a feature-rich and effective air curtain for environmental separation and energy savings in commercial front entrances and lobbies.

The in-ceiling mount is an aesthetic ceiling flush-mounted solution to energy-saving environmental separation for 8 to 10-foot high, 3 to 12-foot-wide pedestrian entrances in hotels, office buildings, hospitals and other commercial buildings when the inconspicuousness of mechanical support equipment is critical to interior design aesthetics. The In-Ceiling Mount also minimizes insect and vehicle emission infiltration.

The In-Ceiling Mount comes standard with the Intelliswitch 2, the most advanced, greenest and easiest-to-install digital control package in the industry. The Intelliswitch 2 features a thermostat, three-speed fan control; time clock and timer delay that result in superior efficiency and performance. Additionally, the user-friendly format offers choices of three defaults or full-programming operation. The built-in Intelliswitch 2 negates the need for installing separate wall-mounted mechanical switches and thermostats, and reduces control installation costs by operating from a hand-held wireless remote control.

Another performance and efficiency addition is Berner’s quiet Pro-V Nozzle design, which produces twice the air velocity at a lower decibel rating, but with the same horsepower of competing models, according to the company.

The In-Ceiling Mount also introduces Berner’s new patented electric heating element design.

Other benefits include:
  • Air velocity and volume specifications are third-party certified by the Air Movement & Control Association (AMCA), Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Attractive white filtered air intake grille is powder-coated.
  • Exposed bottom panel and built-in trim finish pieces come standard in white aluminum or stainless steel. Custom colors are available for interior design coordination.
  • In-Ceiling Mount is the industry’s first recessed air curtain to draw room air, versus competing model methods of needing ductwork or drawing contaminated, dusty IAQ-affecting air above the ceiling.
  • In-Ceiling Mount is a viable substitute for vestibules that saves 10 percent more energy and costs 40 to 95-percent less in labor/materials. When used in conjunction with a vestibule, the In-Ceiling Mount saves an additional 10 percent in energy.
  • The In-Ceiling Mount’s electric heating or hot water/steam coil option functions as a space heater in the Comfort Plus mode to maintain vestibule set point temperature when doors are closed.
  • Service panel accessibility requires no ceiling panel removal. Quick removal of modular blowers/motor design, electric heating elements and other components allow easy maintenance and replacement.
  • The Intelliswitch 2 is designed with self-diagnostic capabilities. Personal technical support is available during business hours and a 24/7 online FAQ and troubleshooting page at
  • The In-Ceiling Mount comes with a five-year warranty or two-year warranty for heated models.