ToughGard® T Textile Duct Liner from CertainTeed is an acoustical liner for HVAC sheet metal ducts, improving the energy efficiency of a HVAC system by reducing heat gain or loss and minimizing moisture problems due to condensation. An ideal solution for green building projects, the liner includes 75 percent recycled content - the highest in the industry.

Featuring an aesthetically pleasing deep, rich black fiberglass mat and composed primarily of long, textile-type glass fibers, ToughGard T Textile Duct Liner is a durable, abuse-resistant and easy-to-clean product. It exceeds the thermal performance of all competing duct liners with a higher R-value and an enhanced abrasion-resistant surface. Moisture that enters a duct system insulated with ToughGard T Textile Duct Liner beads up and stays beaded, allowing airflow to evaporate the moisture before it can be absorbed into the liner.

ToughGard T is GREENGUARD® certified and contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent to ward off potential mold and microbial growth. The duct liner is also designed to meet specifications for acoustical and LEED-certified projects and the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Building Guidelines with its recycled content and other sustainable features.