Tridium has announced the market availability of two new drivers for the NiagaraAX platform - the NiagaraAX Carrier Equipment Driver and the NiagaraAX McQuay Equipment Driver. These additions add to the company's extensive library of drivers and portfolio of hardware, software, and tools designed to create better buildings---ones that are smarter, use less energy, are more efficient, have lower operating costs, are safer and contribute to a sustainable environment.

The Niagara AX Carrier Equipment Driver works within the NiagaraAX Framework Architecture to provide integration of Carrier HVAC Equipment with JACE® platforms including the JACE-NXT and embedded JACEs such as the JACE -6 and JACE-7 series controllers. It allows for the discovery of CCN Controllers and Bridge devices mounted on Carrier Equipment. Once discovered these devices and the information that they contain may be added to NiagaraAX JACEs and become part of a comprehensive building management system.

The NiagaraAX Driver for McQuay Equipment supports communication with the McQuay Open Protocol Master (OPM) which is a gateway device to a network of McQuay MicroTech controllers. This driver is compatible with NiagaraAX release 3.4 or later, communicates via RS-232 to one OPM and works like other Niagara drivers with remote data represented as proxy points in the JACE station.

NiagaraAX software and hardware solutions are available from leading building control manufacturers and system integrators worldwide.