Superior Boiler Works, Inc., has announced it is offering a full line of new scotch marine firebox boilers under the name of Arrowhead. This line of boilers will further complement Superior’s other boiler room-related product offerings. The Arrowhead boilers being offered include standard sizes from 10 to 100 horsepower at 15 psig steam and 30 psig water operating pressure and will be no more than 34 inches wide.

In making the announcement, Doug Wright, Superior’s president & chief executive officer, said, “Superior Boiler Works is extremely pleased and excited to announce the Arrowhead line of boilers to the marketplace. The Arrowhead product line targets a unique market for which many customers have asked us to provide boilers. This is another example of how SBW is committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers through extensive engineering and design. This product line will be produced with the same high-quality standards all of our products are, and will further complement our other boiler room products.”