The Buck Bioaerosol Sampling Pump is compact, high-volume, lightweight and specifically designed for sampling with BioAire or Air-O-Cell cas-settes. The easy, full-control keypad lets you decide on the length of the retrieval with the touch of a button. Other attributes:

- Attachable rotameter allows for easy calibra-tion.
- Both an LED and audible alarm provide confirmation of end-of-sample or depleted battery.
- Select from 5-20 L/min
- Full-Control keypad for unattended time settings of either 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes
- Easy Calibration
- 5 hours of continuous operation (at 15 L/min)
- Audible alarm to signal end of sample or low battery
- Comes with standard charger and optional FastOne™ one-hour charger