Polygon offers an innovative technology for monitoring temporary dehumidification equipment on job sites. Called the ExactAire system, it allows technicians to conveniently monitor and configure the operation of Polygon temporary dehumidification, cooling and heating equipment remotely via a secure Web site.

“The ExactAire system can be combined with any Polygon climate control equipment and can monitor several different environmental components such as dew point, ambient temperature, surface temperature and relative humidity,” said David Simkins, director – industrial services with Polygon. “The system’s flexibility allows customers to set desired parameters to cycle the equipment on and off to maintain and verify ideal conditions. Polygon is the only air treatment company offering this technology.”

The ExactAire system records climate control conditions on an onboard memory chip and also transmits those conditions to a secure Web site every hour. These detailed messages include the recorded conditions, and the location, make, model and serial number of the unit involved. Alert messages are completely customizable, allowing the customer to choose whether alert messages are delivered via a pager, e-mail, or text message on a cellular telephone.

With a password, the customer can access the recorded conditions on the Web site and download them to a text or pdf file. This gives the Polygon customer immediate access to accurate conditions recorded on the job that are less than 60 minutes old.

“ExactAire provides users with the secure knowledge that their climate control unit is operating efficiently and effectively, and that space conditions are maintained,” said Simkins. “Customers can determine all of the set points they desire, giving them more control of the conditions delivered.”

The system features a variety of benefits for customers. For example, climate control settings can be changed at any time remotely from a secure Web site.

“If a customer wants to change the dew point spread that controls the dehumidifier, the technician can do that on the Web site and the system will download the new configuration to the climate control unit in the field,” added Simkins.

Additionally, the customer can be alerted to a problem before costly moisture and temperature related problems occur. An ExactAire notification will alert the technician if the system is not holding the appropriate temperature, humidity or dew point.

Often no one realizes a generator has failed until the damage has already occurred. A battery backup enables ExactAire to send a “power failure” message if the generator shuts down or if there is any loss of power.

The system was originally designed for tank coating applications but has evolved to serve a variety of other temporary humidity or temperature control applications. In tank applications, the system relays a message when the surface temperature is approaching the dew point, or if the tank is out of the dew point range specified.

In building applications, temperature, humidity and dew point are monitored and a message is sent when high humidity or low temperatures could cause damage.

There also is a cost benefit because ExactAire has the ability to turn the dehumidifier, heating and cooling equipment on and off based on desired set points. Because the unit is modulated on and off to maintain conditions, significant fuel savings can be realized.

To make on site setup easy, the ExactAire system is now available with a suite of wireless sensors that can be deployed throughout the site.

More information on Polygon can be found at www.polygongroup.us.