Engineers responsible for new construction across industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors are striving to comply with standards set forth by such organizations as the USGBC. Through LEED®, the green building certification program, projects and buildings are rated according to their impact on priority environmental issues including water savings, energy efficiency, and materials selection. Forsta self cleaning water filters reduce water use, improve energy efficiency and are made entirely from sustainable materials. Implementing a Forsta Filter in new construction as well as to improve old systems will help projects meet a variety of important environmental and sustainability goals, and where applicable earn LEED certification.

Forsta self cleaning water filters are ideal for cooling power plants where they control particulate levels, protect heat exchangers, condenser tubes and other water-cooled process equipment. By controlling particulate levels, Forsta’s fully automatic filters will improve operating efficiency, minimize downtime for cleaning and repair, limit the cost of water treatment and improve equipment lifespan.

Compared to other filter technologies Forsta’s self-cleaning water filters are more cost-effective, automatic, produce less wastewater, and will not interrupt a system’s water flow during its short cleaning cycle. Forsta prides itself on sustainability and sets forth a comprehensive social mission to make freshwater more available by reducing, recycling and reusing water in industrial, municipal and irrigation systems; reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency; and reduce waste generation and hazardous materials exposure through responsible filtration and effluent treatment.

-- Forsta Filters