The new line of SD Card Real-Time Data Logging Instruments from General Tools & Instruments (General®) revolutionizes data logging and data processing for hand-held diagnostic instrumentation.

The 15 instruments in this trailblazing line measure numerous environmental and industrial parameters - such as temperature (up to 12 channels), pressure, humidity, air velocity, vibration, water quality (pH, TDS, DO), and sound level - in real time on internal SD cards directly in Excel format. Sampling intervals and length of time are adjustable and, as data is collected, time and date stamp fields are populated automatically. Powered by batteries or an optional AC adapter, these instruments stand out from the crowd for their ease of use and greater mobility, on top of their powerful measuring capabilities. They are ideal for technicians, contractors, and repairmen in the HVACR industry and other fields.

Through patented technology, General’s cutting-edge SD card real-time datalogging instruments collect and store data directly in Excel format with the proper headers and columns showing time and date, as well as measured values. Other datalogging instruments on the market generally collect and store data in ASCII format, and the user then needs to manually convert this raw data to Excel or other data processing formats. This step typically takes a lot of time and is often frustrating. General’s SD card real-time datalogging instruments save users the time and hassle of manual data conversion. Technicians, contractors and repairmen can simply insert the SD card into a computer and open an Excel file showing all measured values.

All of General’s SD card real-time datalogging instruments are packaged in a professional carrying case along with a 2GB SD card. Each instrument also comes with a detailed user’s manual and a one-year warranty.

-- General Tools & Instruments