Create a more sustainable facility with the YORK® YVAA air-cooled variable-speed screw chiller, designed to be the world’s most environmentally friendly chiller.

Three qualities make this new chiller stand-out from the rest in today’s market: efficiency, sustainability, and low sound.

With the industry’s lowest kW/Ton at both full-load design and off-design conditions, the YVAA chiller ensures maximum efficiency under all operating conditions. On replacement projects, YVAA energy performance can exceed older models by as much as 50%, while performance on new projects can exceed the competition’s by up to 25% .

This chiller’s performance can even be tailored and tuned to hit specific targets for state, Municipal or utility rebates, where available.

The YVAA chiller makes your facility more sustainable in two ways:
  • Directly, it limits the amount of refrigerant emitted into the atmosphere
  • Indirectly, it minimizes power plant CO2 emissions
The YVAA chiller uses HFC-134a refrigerant, which has no phase-out date and an ozone-depletion potential of zero. Fewer joints and potential leak points keep the refrigerant inside the system, while a proprietary falling-film evaporator and advanced microchannel condenser coils reduce the refrigerant charge by as much as 15%.

Low Sound
The YVAA chiller provides superior sound performance in several ways:
  • A variety of sound-attenuation options
  • A SilentNight™ feature which works with a BAS (or programmable control) to load-limit the chiller when noise reduction is a priority
  • Reducing ambient noise by as much as 16 dBA at off-design conditions
-- Johnson Controls