Kicking-offEngineers Weekwere general chairman, Jason Tansey, P.E. , of Finkbeiner, Pettis & Strout, Inc. and this year's committee: Ernest Enrique, P.E. , TolTest-president of the Toledo Society of Professional Engineers; Robert Harold, president of the Technical Society of Toledo; Kent Buehrer, P.E. , The Buehrer Group, Engineer of the Year Luncheon; Dr. Lionel Sully, EISC, treasurer, and Nancy Hansen , EISC, Engineer for a Day; Mary Ellen Graham, The Mosser Group, publicity; Dan Stark, P.E., AVCA Corporation, and Deborah Zimmerman, IEEE, MathCounts; Fred Tito, P.E., Middough Associates and Tom Uhler, P.E. , TolTest, Engineer of the Year Selection Committee; Keith Aschmeier, P.E., Finkbeiner, Pettis & Strout, Printing; Sam Muhsen, P.E ., The Buehrer Group, Ticket Sales; Christine Smallman , University of Toledo Laison, Meals, Facilities and Banquet; and Bob Leduc, TolTest, Inc., Speaker Selection.

Activities planned for the week are to increase public awareness and appreciation of the engineering profession. This dedicated committee is focused on creating activities, organized events and competitions for both professional engineers throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan and students from elementary, middle, high schools and colleges.

Founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers, Engineers Week takes place during the week of our first President, a military engineer, and land surveyor, George Washington. MATHCOUNTS, is the kick-off competition that takes place on February 8th, with other activities planned the entire week of February 17-21, 2003.