A brochure available from Tjernlund Products, Inc. is a must read for HVAC specifiers searching for alternatives to fixed speed fans for exhaust and supply air applications. The CPC-3, Constant Pressure Controller automatically monitors and adjusts fan speed to provide modulating, demand-based performance. According to the company, its CPC-3 constant pressure controller sets the standard for performance, ease of installation and operation.

As the “brains” of Tjernlund’s vent system, the CPC-3 controller simultaneously checks pressure differentials and adjusts fan speeds to maintain a user adjustable set point. Up to 16 individual boilers, water heaters or clothes dryers can be interlocked as well as a motorized damper/louver. The controller also has a built in alarm and alarm contacts.

The brochure offers an example of a 27% installed savings with a CPC-3 controlled system vs. a system without it. In addition to highlighted features, the brochure also includes a sequence of operation and programming options.

The CPC-3 brochure is available via the Tjernlund Products atwebsiteor by calling 800-255-4208.