McQuay has extended the company’s expertise in 100 percent outdoor air from its applied rooftops to its premier line of Maverick II commercial rooftop systems. The new optimized Maverick II rooftop system provides building owners with unmatched room temperature control and comfort through the use of modulating hot gas reheat and precise controls.

The new functionality includes integrated compressor and reheat control that automatically energizes the reheat whenever dehumidification is needed, without using additional energy. The modulated hot gas reheat control feature reduces fluctuations in air temperature and humidity levels, helping to ensure a consistently comfortable environment, which makes it ideal for use in healthcare facilities, schools, hotels and office buildings. By using micro-channel coils in the reheat design, more Btu per square foot of coil is achieved and less refrigerant charge is used, which minimizes maintenance and omits the need for receivers.

Maverick II commercial rooftop systems continue the McQuay legacy of environmental responsibility by operating with R-410A refrigerant, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule. The rooftop unit helps owners qualify for LEED® Green Building Rating System certification through optimizing energy efficiency, reducing refrigerant volume, and enhanced refrigerant management.

The Maverick II rooftop system, configured for 100 percent outdoor air, is optimized to work with Daikin VRV systems, McQuay water source heat pump systems, as well as other packaged rooftop systems from McQuay for a complete solution.