Water circulation pumps are a key component of the heating or cooling management systems found in various types of consumer and industrial products. Kenn Langosch, sales manager for industrial motors for Bosch (Bosch i-Business Group) says the rotary-type Bosch PAD auxiliary water circulation pumps, which feature 12-V electronically commutated “brushless” drive motors, not only offer a high circulation delivery rate for effective temperature management and control, but they also offer many important advantages over pumps driven by carbon-brush mechanically commutated electric motors.

Among the many advantages cited by Langosch are the Bosch PAD water pumps’ space and weight saving attributes. Compared to pumps with carbon-brush mechanically commutated electric motors, the Bosch PAD water pumps with electronically commutated drive motors enable design engineers to achieve a significent reduction in installation length - up to approximately one third. The Bosch PAD water pumps weigh approximately 0.3 kg, about half the weight of water pumps driven by mechanically commutated drive motors.

The rotary Bosch PAD pumps are designed to provide outstanding efficiency, extremely quiet operation and long service life. Driven by a 12-V Bosch brushless DC motor, the pump’s stator and electronics are mechanically fully-separated from the rotor in the dry motor housing. The rotor, as part of the pump wheel, is seated in the separate pump housing. The non-contact torque transmission serves to ensure that the coolant does not come into contact with the electronics, throughout the pump’s entire service life.

The Bosch PAD pumps, which are designed for continuous operation, provide delivery quantity of 900dm3 0 h-1 and delivery pressure of 0.1 bar. The water circulation pumps can be used for a wide range of limited-space, cabinet-style applications. These include heater circuits and auxilliary heaters, generator cooling, thermal management of electric vehicles, battery and electronic cooling, and other types of systems or components where temperature is to be controlled or maintained with the help of water circulation pumps. “Bosch PAD pumps offer considerable versatility for design engineers,” says Langosch.

-- Bosch